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Unlimited rentals with return postage included!

Library members can create their own Puzzle Pack and exchange for a new one as often as desired! We even allow you to have two packs at once so you never have to be without a jigsaw!

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Custom Jigsaws

Stunning wooden puzzles for any occasion.

Pick from a variety of patterns and sizes, send in your image and let us do the rest!

Custom jigsaws can be ordered via Etsy using the link below.

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About Anthology

ANTHOLOGY: "a collection of artistic works that have a similar form or subject, often those considered to be the best"

Anthology Puzzles, a British veteran-owned small business, was created to support the wellbeing of military personnel and friends during the COVID-19 pandemic while stationed in the USA.

During this time, we perfected our jigsaw-making technique, from sourcing high-quality materials to acquiring and fine-tuning the ideal equipment.

Our puzzles became so popular that we launched a monthly subscription service, which continues today. In late 2023, owner Tim returned to the UK to introduce The Jigsaw Library, offering high-quality wooden puzzles sent by post as well as the exceptional custom work for which we have become renowned.

Thank you for supporting our small, British business!